Faculty and Staff Resources

Information and Policies

Graduate assistantships

Information and policies concerning graduate assistantships are available here. Relevant forms are provided below. The “100-hour rule” for additional employment of graduate assistants is here.

Tuition waivers

General information about graduate University tuition waivers is here. Restrictions on graduate tuition waivers is located here. Graduate tuition waiver forms are provided below.

New graduate teaching assistant orientation

Dates for new graduate teaching assistant orientation sessions are posted {{ http://welcomegrad.wvu.edu/orientations, text="here" }}.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) information

The GRE code for WVU is 5904. A GRE Concordance Score Chart (that provides percentile scores for both the old and new GRE scores) is available here.

Program proposals and changes

Guidelines and procedures for new program proposals and program changes are available here.

Board of Governors (BOG) program reviews

Guidelines and procedures for 5-year BOG program reviews are available here.


Graduate assistantships

Graduate service assistant request form
A hiring unit must submit this form to the Office of Graduate Education and Life to establish a new Graduate Service Assistant position. See also information here.

Graduate assistant appointments
Hiring units should provide Graduate Assistants with a letter or contract providing details of their appointment. See the checklist and templates provided below for guidance.

Graduate assistant sample evaluation form
Supervisors are encouraged to provide Graduate Assistants with regular evaluations of their performance.

Tuition waiver forms

Please review the information on the waiver page and on the restrictions page before completing a waiver form. Note that only University tuition can be waived.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) waiver

This form may be used to request a waiver of minimum TOEFL scores for admission of a graduate student ( see https://admissions.wvu.edu/admissions/toefl/graduate-students).

[Note that information about the SPEAK test, required for graduate assistants, is at http://iep.wvu.edu/testing_resources/speak.]

Course overload petition

This form is to be used when a student requests permission to enroll for more than 16 hours in the fall or spring semesters. No overload requests will be considered for the summer term. Although students may enroll for up to 16 hours in the summer, they are strongly discouraged from enrolling in more than 12 hours.

This form may be used to request permission for a group of students to enroll in more than 16 credits during a term because their program requires more than 16 credits in that term.